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Reasons Why Women End Up Their Self's In Fight and Quarrel

These days, it is possible to find women involved in fights and quarrel. Below are reason that cause all this problems


Most women jealousy their friends because she is dating someone you like or love and the person does not show interest in you or because she has things more than you. These cause a big quarreling and fighting.


Women feel it right to give informal talk about their friends private life in which the known that it is not true, when it got to the person hearing, it ends the friendship relationship in fighting.


Most Nigerian women show up their pride on their friends that they are better or important than them. And these end up their relationship.


In this, some women are so greedy in a way that nothing can satisfy them. Because u can afford like your friend, you start stealing from her.


This is the main reason of their quarrels and fighting. Most women strongly dislike their friends and with this they end up fighting and quarreling among themselves.

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