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How To React When Someone Is Flirting With Your Partner

There are times when you and your partner may go to an occasion or a birthday party together.

Both of you will make new friends with whom you will have conversations.

If you see someone having a glass of wine with your spouse at the party, or they are laughing together, it could mean the person is flirting with your partner.

If you notice someone has been calling your partner on the phone to ask about them, you might start feeling uncomfortable with it.

However, you need to be calm and react with maturity so that you can achieve the best.

Observe The Situation First

You need to first sit back and observe the situation so that you don't make a wrong conclusion.

You need to assess the situation to see if it's something you need to react to or not. Try to find out if your spouse was the one who initiated the flirting, or it was the flirter.

Try to observe if it's something your spouse is trying to hide from you, or they are not hiding it.

This will determine if it's something that deserves your time and response.

Use The Flirting To Work In Your Own Favor

Your partner must be enjoying the flirter. Maybe the flirter likes to laugh at your partner's jokes. That's why he or she gives them attention.

You can start doing the same thing to your spouse so that you can completely win his attention in your own favor. Use it to work on your own relationship.

Watch Your Partner's Behavior

Try to observe your partner's behavior to see if they are also flirting back with the flirter.

If your partner is not flirting back, it shows he or she is trying to stop the person from flirting with them.

Let Your Partner Know How You Feel

You need to open up to your spouse and tell them how you feel about it.

Tell him or her that you are not comfortable with it, but you were shy about it, and you didn't know how to react to it.

Tell your spouse that the behavior of the flirter has been annoying you.

Confront The Person Flirting With Your Spouse

If the person flirting with your spouse is someone you know or somebody close to you, call them privately.

Tell them the truth and how they've annoyed you.

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