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How To Know If A Lady Admires You But Is Hiding Her Feelings

It is very possible that a woman can fall so much in love with a man and decide to hide her feelings for a very long time.

This is because ladies don't want to look cheap or desperate for a relationship.

You will rarely find a woman who likes a man so much that she will approach him and ask him out for a relationship.

The highest she will do is give the man a little sign that shows she's interested in him.

The lady who is secretly admiring you could also be the kind of woman you will admire.

You may have a female friend who is playing hard to get. She may be hiding her feelings for you.

Meanwhile, the following are the ways to know if a lady admires you but just doesn't want you to know about it.

She Respects You

She naturally respects you whenever she's talking to you or talking to someone about you.

She gives you a listening ear whenever you have something to say.

She doesn't argue with you or complain about what you say or do.

She Likes To Make Body Contact

She tries to touch your hand or arms to call your attention whenever she's talking to you. She sometimes stretches out her hands to have a handshake with you.

She Smiles When She Sees You

She is usually excited anytime she notices that you are around. She may smile a little but feel elated when she feels your presence.

She Tries To Impress You

She tries to do things to impress you. For instance, if she discovers that you are the kind of guy who likes a lady that can speak good English, she will change her accent and start talking differently.

Your Jokes Crack Her Up

Whenever you make cheap jokes, she laughs at them even if they are not truly funny. She keeps those positive vibes whenever she's around you.

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