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5 Ways To Show A Woman You Love Her Without Spending Money

You do not need to have money to prove your love to your wife or girlfriend. Your actions and how you conduct yourself and showing her in other ways is far more important. Many might argue that there is no way you can show a woman you love her without spending. But the truth is, there are ways through which it can be achieved.

Below are 5 ways to successfully achieve this.

1. Listen to her

A lot of men instead of really listening to what their partner is saying, they either don't or halfway listen by nodding a few times. Listen to what she is saying and ask her questions about it and be present with her in the moment. It makes her feel that she can count on you and that she matters to you.

2. Small thoughtful gestures

Making her breakfast in the morning before she wakes up is something that will put a smile on her face the entire day.

3. Take care of yourself

Almost all women before meeting up with a guy they like or are dating will spend a very long time getting ready to impress that person. If you show up like you just woke up and don't smell nice, it will make her feel like she's not worth impressing to you.

4. Notice her efforts

Women sometimes spend hours in the salon to look good for you. Notice small things like that and let her know how beautiful she looks.

5. Be there for her when she needs you

If you notice that she looks a bit down, ask her if she wants to talk or simply make her favorite food or do something for her you know she'll love. But not only in the bad times. When she's really excited about something, be excited with her. Show her you are there for her through the good and bad.

Find someone who appreciates you for you and not what you can do for them. That way, even when the wolf is at the door, your love will pull you through.

Thanks for reading!!

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