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4 Reasons Why Most Relationships Do Not Lead To Marraige

Normally, not all relationships will lead to marriage, but our mindset sometimes matters. If you're only attracted to someone because of their physique and what they're offering, you will eventually lose interest in them. This is because, once they stop giving you the things you want, there will be no point for you to stay with them.

You should not go into a relationship because you like what you're seeing, you should look beyond that. Beauty will fade away one day and you will possibly see another person that will be more attractive than your partner. If beauty is the only thing that drives you to start a relationship, you won't be able to keep a relationship for so long.

Your feelings have to be strong and deep before you start any relationship with anybody. If it is infatuation, there is no point in starting a relationship, it won't lead anywhere.

Below are 5 reasons why most relationship doesn't lead to marriage.

1. Infatuation or lust.

If the feelings you have for someone are not strong and deep enough, it is better not to go into a relationship with them. If you manage to start a relationship together it won't lead to marriage. That feeling won't last and once they fade away, you will suddenly lose interest in such a relationship. If it is lust or infatuation, such a relationship can never lead to marriage.

2. Age differences.

If the age difference is too much, just know your relationship won't lead anywhere. Although we have relationships that are like this and still leads to marriage, it is usually rare. 

Also, when you're in a relationship with someone older than you, you can be forced to end such a relationship when they start planning a marriage, and meanwhile, you're not ready. 

3. Lack of tolerance.

If your relationship is lacking tolerance, there's no amount of love you can have for your partner that will keep your relationship going. Tolerance will help you accept your partner for who they are and it will make you overlook a lot of things. Your relationship can never lead to marriage if you can't tolerate your partner. You will have a lot of misunderstandings, but if you can't patiently solve them, your relationship will suddenly collapse. 

4. Immaturity.

Maturity is also a key factor in a relationship. If you're not mature, you won't be able to keep your relationship. Your relationship will never lead to marriage if you're not matured enough.

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