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Signs that may lead to relationship break up.

The decision to break up a relationship that has lasted awhile would truly be a tough decision. Where in a relationship it is noticed that there are fundamental differences in character and attitudes in the life of your partner that you cannot cope with, the best decision would be to break off from such relationship.

It is important to sensitively watch out for some danger signals with a view to eliminating them if possible, and where they are impossible to correct, amend, adjust or cope with them.

Here are some of the signals to look out for that may lead to break up.

1. Total breakdown in communication or where communication shifts to one side.

2. When your partner begins to avoid seeing or visiting you suddenly.

3. When your presence is no longer appreciated or celebrated.

4. When all your discussions end up with arguments and fighting.

5. When you discover your partner is a liar and double dating.

6. When you discover that your partner is only in the relationship for sex or money, or for other personal or social interest.

7. When your partner beats you up, or where the relationship has degenerated to abuses or physical violence, slapping, beating etc.

8. Where your partner insists or refuses to inform your pastors or parents, and refuses to make necessary introductions.

9. Where your partner is possessive and domineering.

10. Where your genotypes and blood groups are not favourable.

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