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11 Important Lessons You Should Learn From A Breakup

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When we go through a breakup, we’re mostly left with bitterness and hate for the other person. It always seems like a negative experience and while it may be, there are still positive things to take away from a breakup.

However, due to the pain, most people simply jump into another relationship without giving the previous one much thought.

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There are important lessons one should learn from a breakup that will help them in the next relationship. Here are some of them:

1. Pain is temporary: No matter how painful a break-up is, you always come out of it stronger and learn that pain fades and that suffering is a choice. And time really does heal all wounds when you also take steps to heal your wounds.

2. People come and go: This is a bittersweet fact of life. Holding on to people who want out is unhealthy. It’s why we need to be able to let go of them at all times.

3. You become more self-aware: Breakups are amazing because they uncover all of our flaws and imperfections and help us grow.

4. We can’t change and control anyone but ourselves: You learn that once your partner (or ex-partner) makes the decision to be with someone other than you.

5. Love and relationships in real life are nothing like they are in romantic novels or movies: We usually learn that after our first breakups. That your ex won’t knock on your door with teary eyes at night and while it rains.

6. Hoping for an ex to return to you is a waste of time and energy: Einstein said: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. So why would you want to relive the past and to reconcile with an ex only to breakup for the same reasons as before?

7. Cutting the ties completely is the best decision: I say this because friendships with exes rarely, if ever, last long, and they quickly become toxic once the jealousy kicks in. The decision to cut ties completely is more painful, but it also makes it easier for both parties to let go of attachments and it gives you closure.

8. You learn to say no: Overcoming the adversity of letting go of the attachment to a past relationship matures you and also increases your pain tolerance. This in turn makes it easier for you to say no to things you don’t want and to assert boundaries.

9. Solitude is our best friend: There is something magical about solitude. You are alone with yourself, your beliefs, feelings and thoughts. And you have a lot of time to introspect and grow.

10. Your happiness and Validation comes From within. You don't need a RELATIONSHIP to be happy with yourself.

11. Self love is the most important thing. Start loving yourself, the more you hate yourself the more you will be underconfident.

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