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4 Secrets You Should Not Keep From Your Partner

When a relationship has weathered all storms and led to marriage, it must have taken a good deal of patience and endurance.

For married couples, it is not advisable to keep secrets from your partner. As married people, you are one and the same, and you should be open to one another. Keeping secrets away from one another means that there is no complete trust between you. And the true basis of any long-lasting relationship is trust. The following are five secrets you should not keep from your partner:

1. Your past:

It doesn't matter what kind of person you were, or what bad things you did. In fact, everyone has one dark past lurking somewhere. Before you enter into marriage, try to come clean with it. Don't be afraid that you will lose your partner because of it. The truth is that, if they sincerely love you, no matter what, they will stand by you. In fact, they will even love you all the more. And if your partner tells you about their not-so-pleasant past, it is not for you to use it as a mockery against them in future. Be mature. Encourage them. Make them know that everything is fine, and everything will turn out fine.

2. Your reproductive status:

Many men do these a lot, especially when they find out that they might not be able to father a child. The blame is then on the woman. It is wrong. Never keep your reproductive status away from your partner.

3. Your work:

Some people do not let their partner know where they work, or how much they receive, for their personal reasons. However, no matter what these reasons are, they are not appropriate.

4. Your bad habits:

The ability of you two to live together means that you have become one. Hiding your habits from them only makes it worse. Reveal your true self from the beginning, only true love will make them go through with you. They would even change you, before you know what is happening, and you will become a better person.

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