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A Lady Asked If I Haven't Slept With A Married Man But I Told Her That I Will Not Confess - Blessing

There are certain situations whereby people make wrong choices but they do not want to face the consequences of their actions. They begin to blame others instead of examining themselves to know where they did wrongly.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has stated that she can face the consequences of her actions. She highlighted a situation whereby she replied to a lady that she will confess whether she has slept with a married man or not.

Blessing CEO said in a live video;

"Someone asked me to swear that I have not slept with a married man but I told her that I will not confess my sins to her because she is not a reverend father.

I told her that if I decide to date a married man, I can face the consequences that come out of it and I can take care of myself. I asked her if she can take care of herself.

I hope she will not run to me for help when there is a problem. I can date 10 men and take care of them but can you face the consequences?

Have I ever come to cry for help from anyone? If I chose to date a married man, I will take the responsibility."

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