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9 Habits That Are Negatively Affecting Your Relationship/Marriage

Some habits may not appear to be dangerous, but the long-term effects they have on your relationship could lead to its destruction if you don't take precautions. By quietly invading your mind, these seemingly harmless practices take away certain great aspects of your relationship and replace them with unfavorable ones. You should avoid the following dangerous habits:

1. Blame games

If you believe you have a minor part to play, don't place all of the blame on your partner. It's easy to point a finger and blame your partner for the mess you've created together. However, doing so would make your spouse feel trapped and helpless, as well as furious and hurt. By sharing the responsibility or admitting your share in the mistakes. on the other hand, you'll be providing your spouse with the emotional support they need right now.

2. You use your job to avoid your partner.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to separate work and home life in this digital age. When you have a fight with your partner, you might as well stay up all night instead of spending time with your loved one, right? Wrong. "Think of troubles at home as just another assignment, like jobs at work. Your teammate is your teammate, and you must devise a method for collaborating to solve problems."

3. You spend too much time in front of the televison than you soend with your parther

According to studies, watching television is robbing couples of their time together. In today's fast-paced world, a person's time is extremely limited. When couples spend their remaining hours of the day watching television rather than being with one other after a long day at work, their marriage will suffer.

4. Half listening

It's all too easy to nod your head or say you agree without fully hearing what your partner has to say. One of the relationship habits that can cause a lot of issues is only half-listening to what your partner is saying. Improve your communication skills so you can actually listen to your companion.

5. Silent treatment

Do you chose to ignore your partner rather than speak up about something that has caused you pain? You're not the only one who feels this way. When they're irritated, many men and women would rather sit in the corner and look at the ceiling than respond to their partner. Never do anything like that since you'll simply harm your spouse, make them miserable, and make them despise you at the same time.

6. You are always on the look out for a new thing

Wanting something new isn't necessarily a negative thing, but if you're not careful, it might cause you to lose contentment with what you already have and share with your partner. The urge for anything new may cause you to become emotionally unavailable to your partner, which could lead to relationship problems. Everything may go bad just because one of the partners desired more. These habits may appear innocuous at first, but they can have a long-term negative impact on your marriage or relationship.

7. Letting someone come between you and your spouse

Even if you're close to your parents and siblings, draw a line when it comes to your priorities. When you get married, you’re starting your own family and your spouse comes first. That includes spilling private information to your family about your husband or marriage or siding with them over him. “Once you marry, you and your partner become primary family.Discuss how to set boundaries with each other’s parents and family members. If your families have different styles and traditions, negotiate with each other first, then present a united front.”

9. Not apologizing

It’s important to take responsibility for your actions, especially when they’ve hurt other people. A genuine apology would demonstrate that you’re willing to face the consequences of your actions and make an effort to do better. This can go a long way in helping others trust you and your intentions moving forward.

9. Holding grudges

In addition to knowing how to apologize, it’s important to know how to accept an apology. When someone has expressed regret for wronging you, it’s a good idea to let things go, whether or not you want to continue having a relationship with them. Holding grudges is not only detrimental to your relationships with others, but it can be quite harmful to your own mental state too.

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