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Dear Guys, Don't Ever Tell A Lady These 3 Secrets Of Your Life No Matter The Love

Ignorance has lead so many guys today in to regrets but obviously some don't know. Women in their nature, are just like a little child whose mind is not strong enough to handle some certain things.

In this article, you shall be enlighten on three mistakes that a lots of guys are doing in their marriage or relationship today which they may not know. Perhaps you see a girl for the first time and looking at her structure and beauty you fall in love with her, then from there you decided to let her know every things about you. If you are a types that practice such please stop because it's has run so many marriage and relationship down.

To explore that concept, here are three things you should never say to a woman, as well as why you should think before you speaking

1# Never Tell Her The Exact Amount Of Your Salary.

This is one of the major mistake guys do in their marriage or relationship. Don't you know that ladies are money lover? Haven't you heard of some women who killed their husband and take away his belonging before? Apart from that aspect, it's also important you don't tell your woman the specific amount of your salary because it may happen that it's because of your money that she claimed to love you.

Moreover, if she know the amount you are collecting she may be bringing some unnecessary expenses for you which you may no longer save.

2# Never Promise Her For Anything.

Today in the name of love, most guys can no longer control their tongue when their with a lady. Like I said earlier, women love hearing their husband or boyfriend promising them either to buy clothes for them or gifts of any kinds.

But Perhaps something warrant and you could not meet up with your what you said to her she may decide to end up the relationship with you.

3# Never Tell Her Your Family Secretes.

Although it's important you tell your wife some simple secret of your life but when it's come to your family please keep it to your self. We are know that when you marry a lady she becomes a member of your family but in other hands, she may likely use that against you someday.

Dear married and single men, what is your own opinion about this message? Do lets us know in the comment session bellow.

Thanks for reading.

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