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3 Things You Should Do To Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Improve Her Love For You.

A lot of men love it when a woman is always thinking about how to love them more. Its always sad when the man is the only one working to keep the relationship going.

As someone who is head over heels in love with a woman, there are certain things you can do, to make a her keep loving you. See some of the things below;

Let Her Appreciate Your Presence.

Always being available almost all the time won't make her appreciate your presence. But when you give her some space and not see you for a while, she'd surely miss you and think about you more than usual. Even if she calls you, find an excuse and turn her down so that she will feel your absence. When you do this, it will make her keep you on her mind.

Focus on building your life and achieving success.

Most men are always overdoing things when it comes to relationship. They always want to hang around a lady as if their life depends on it, rather than working hard towards a brighter future. Trust me, no woman would think about you or take you seriously if you keep doing that. Instead of chasing a woman, try to build your life, goals, dreams and career. When the lady notices that you're indeed hardworking, she will always stay with you, because she wants to be identified with your success.

Take It Slow And Steady.

No matter how much you love a woman, and want her to reciprocate the feelings, don't be too quick to reveal how much you love her. Take it slow and steady. When you do this, she'll always think about you and wonder about how much you really love her. To make a lady be obsessed with you, you need to keep her in suspense most of the time.

Source;The Gottman Relationship Blog, Heart Hackers Club.

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