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Romantic Names You Can Call Your Boyfriend or Husband

In every relationship, there should be something that always spice it up. That is why there was an introduction of pet names which you can give to your partner depending on how you feel about the person.

But up till today, a lot of ladies still find it really difficult to figure out the perfect name for their partners.

Although I am not going to be telling you the name you should give your man, I am just going to be suggesting some possible names you could give your partner as a pet name.

1. My Lord

This is no doubt one of the ancient pet names that started even back in the Bible days. Although it is ancient, it is still sweet and can be used by any lady for her husband.

2. Babe

Babe is a generally known name for lovers. This particular one can be used for either the guy or the lady but it is trendy and sweet as well.

3. My Love

Love is another slightly ancient pet name for your partner. Although it was not usually used during the Bible days, people has been using it overtime but it is still sweet and expresses a lot with just a word.

4. Darling

Darling is another amazing name that could be used for both parties whether a girl or a boy. It is sweet and very lovely.

5. Sweety

Sweety is a current pet name that is used by most ladies. It is also an amazing name you can use to refer to either your husband or boyfriend.

6. My Dearest

This another amazing pet name you could also give your guy

7. Honey

Honey is another sweet pet name you can call your husband or boyfriend, it really expresses a lot with just a word.

8. Love of my life

9. My BO.

10. My Sunshine

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Babe My Love


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