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4 Reasons Why Some People Pretend To Love Their Partner In A Relationship

Everyone wants to be told the truth by the person they are in a relationship with but the big question is, how many of us really have the courage to embrace such truths, most especially when it is a bitter one? Truth is such a butter pill that some people are not ready to swallow when it comes to issues of the heart, because at times it ends in pain. As funny as this may sound, some people would prefer to be lied to by their lovers and be free from the pains associated with it than being told the bitter truth and get hurt in the process.

One of the last things most people who are in love would want to hear from their partners is being told plain black that their partner does not love them. Can you imagine how it will feel like for someone whom you think loved you all these while to tell you to your face that he/she does not love you? The feeling will be devastating. That may tell you why they play along in pretense.

Basically, people pretend to love their partners because:

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1. They are considerate people who feel the pains of others. Even though it is not the best, It takes some spirit of empathy to pretend to love someone just to save them from the pains they may feel if they get to know that they are not loved as they were meant to believe.

2. They want to be loved more.

Having realized that most people can give in their best to someone that genuinely love them, in order not to lose the love of the person they are in a relationship with, they would pretend to continue enjoying the love they get from them.

3. They don't want those that love them to be left out in the loving process. The truth is, people feel fulfilled when they come to the realization that their partner love them same way they love their lover.

4. They don't want to hurt those that love them.

Naturally, feeling hurt will become inevitable when those we love do not love us in return.

Nevertheless, no matter what, I feel it is better to hurt people by coming straight to tell them that you do not love them than making them feel good with pretence.

Permit me to ask you this question. Will you rather be told the truth, receive negligence actions and feel hurt OR be deceived with pretence actions of love and feel accepted and happy? Give us your sincere answer in the comment section.

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