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3 Ways A Girl Can Test You To Know If You Like Her

Nowadays, people are taking preventive measures before going into a relationship. The truth is that no one wants to get hurt or heartbroken, not by the person they love wholeheartedly. For this reason, they try to confirm and see if they can trust the person they are going into a relationship with before giving them the key to their heart.

As a man, you shouldn't be surprised when a woman first tests you before she decides of accepting you or not. If you can pass the test without any flaws and you prove to her that you are not toying with her feelings, it will be easy for you to gain her trust and love. 

In this article, I will be showing you 3 ways some girls test a guy before falling for him.

1. She will take some time to respond to your texts.

One of the ways a girl will test a guy before falling for him is by taking time to respond to his texts. She's doing this intentionally just to see if you would give up or continue with what you have started. As a man, the best thing to do is to maintain your cool and keep texting her even if she takes too long to respond to you, but as time goes on, she would respond well. 

2. She will test your patience.

Another test a girl can give you before falling for you is to test your patience. She would like to know how much tolerance you have and how far you can be patient. She might promise and fail and then see how you will react. If you react negatively, she might not consider giving you a chance. But if you react positively, she can be convinced and then consider giving you a chance. 

3. She will play hard to get.

Even if she likes you, she would play hard to get just to see how much you want her. She might not give you her attention and time, and see if you keep coming to her. If you give up after being rejected at first, she would see you as someone who isn't serious in the first place, but if you keep going, she can end up giving you the key to her heart. 

Some women play hard to get just to test a guy and see if he truly loves them as he claims. 

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