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5 Tips To Help Decide When To Exchange Phone numbers With Guys

When we connect with people on social media and physical social events, the next thing we do is giving our phone numbers right away. Sometimes, we don't do a rethink of this process and find out if it's even necessary or dangerous to us, which bring us to this question: Should a lady give out her phone number to a guy on social media or in a social event for a possible date?

Maybe yes, maybe no. This solely depends on the lady and her interest in going out on a date with the person if he asks her out.

She may not be interested in dating him at that time you met him. In that case, she may consider giving out her phone number and making friends with him for future reference. But if she thinks she doesn't like him, then there's no reason to give out her number. 

That being said, these five tips will help decide whether or not a lady should give out your phone number when a guy asks for it.

1. Conversation purpose: It's not a bad idea to give out your number to a guy you just met if you have heard some meaningful conversations with him and you want to talk with him. 

2. Having a feeling that relating with him will be beneficial to you. It's okay if you give out your phone number to someone you might learn something from or date in the future. 3. Having few things in common. Maybe you do share same interest in hobbies, belong to the same club or group, this could also be a good ground to give out your phone number if he asks for it.

4. It's not advisable to exchange your phone number right away with someone you haven't met physically on social media. Take some time to figure out if you're into that guy before giving out your phone number. 

5. Basically, share your phone number with confidence when you are ready. Don't exchange your phone number with guys you are not interested in. Say no politely without hurting him so you both can move on and meet better people. 

This is my take on how to exchange phone numbers with guys. What other tips do you suggest? Let others see and learn from your suggestions in the comments section. 

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