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Divorce Affair

Opinion: Is it Wise To Give Your Cheating Partner A Second Chance

So your partner who you love wholeheartedly has broken his or her promise to you by cheating and breaking your trust. So are you willing to forgive and forget and give them a second chance?.

Sometimes, because people go public with their relationship they are even afraid to forgive their partner because their friends and family will mock them for giving that person a second chance.

Don't hate yourself because you are forgiving. If you decide to forgive your partner, it is all your decision. However, ask yourself if it will be worth it. Does this person deserves your forgiveness?. Are they genuinely sorry about what they did to you or just faking remorse because they want your forgiveness.

If you are sure they are genuinely sorry, then forgive them and do your best to be happy in your relationship. Don't bother yourself about what other people think, it's their business.

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