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6 Warning signs your partner is cheating on you

Is your partner cheating on you?  

Having suspicions of been cheated on is not an easy thing to deal with, cos there are alot at stake, including your relationship. 

Questions like what if you are wrong?, or what if you accuse your partner of cheating and it isn't true? Because at this point you are not sure and even if you are right there is 99% chance that they will deny it. 

But before you make your move to approach them, you need to pay attention to some secret signs that they might be cheating on you

In this article, am going to be showing you 6 signs your partner is cheating on you. 

1. Always hiding things on their devices 

It is true that everyone sometimes need their privacy but when it's becoming often and awkward then something isn't right, if you notice that they now use their phones etc more frequently than before and always put security passwords or they always panick whenever they see you with their laptops or phones then its a sign they are cheating on you. 

2. Improved appearance 

It's normal for people to change their way of dressing ever once in a while, but mind you, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be alert especially when you find out that the change is not centred on you.

3. Changes in communication 

You guys can no longer have a normal conversation, a breakdown in communication Isn't a positive sign. They no longer share their day with you, always give you excuses why they can't be with you or even the most important words " I LOVE YOU " is no longer spoken then this is really a huge sign that something is going on 

4. Lies and always never around

When you find out that partner has been lying about alot of things or is been more secretive and you always have thus feeling of been avoided then thats a huge problem. 

5. Change in personality 

Like i said earlier, it's normal to change but when it's becoming too much then it's a problem. When your partner starts to lose interest in things they love, or you notice they start getting bored of you or they don't show signs of jealousy about you no matter what you say or what people do around you then it's a sign your partner is cheating on you because jealousy is a sign of love in a relationship ( you can't be jealous of a person you don't love, have feelings for )

6. Your friends seems uncomfortable 

When it comes to cheating, the betrayed partner is most times the last person to find out. Your friends and that of your partner will be the first to notice right from the start or even more longer before you do. And your partners friends might try to aviod you or start being overly nice to you to aviod suspicion. 


Do not act fast, take your time to gather enough evidence and play smart so your partner doesn't suspect and deny.

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