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Husband and wife relationship

3 Things You Should Not Say To Your Wife When She Says "No" To Your Lovemaking Advances

One thing that makes marriage to be different from dating relationship is the freedom the former have when it comes to making out without any feeling of offending God in the process. In other words, married people have been licensed by God to make out as many times and whenever they deem fit to do so. However, inasmuch couples should not follow any laid down timetable before they can make love, they need to apply wisdom, in order not to hurt the feeling of their partner. As the man, there are times your wife will not be in the mood for it(lovemaking) due to some reasons best known to her.

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Sadly, though, more often than not, such lack of interest for lovemaking from married ladies do make some men to be infuriated. While some men would understand the state of their wives, others will not, thereby making some "blackmailing" statements to the ladies, with the aim of making them (wives) to change their mind and succumb to the husband's desire.

As a married man, no matter how provoked you may be when your wife says "NO" to your lovemaking advances, resist the urge to make the following statements:

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1."If you do not allow me, I will get it from someone else outside." This may sound funny but there are some men who make this kind of statement to their wives when they deny them access to their body. As a loving and understanding man, it is not ideal for you to "threaten" your wife that you will go outside to quench your desire with another strange lady. It will make your wife feel excruciating pain. The best thing you should do is try to understand her reasons of not giving in to your demand. Marriage is about making of compromises. Couples cannot always have what they want all the time. You need to consider the feelings of your wife.

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2. "You are my wife, I have every right to make love to you whenever and however I want." This is also one of the statements that a man should not make to his wife, because it will make her to feel as if she is a commodity that was bought by the man. Whether she is your wife or not, she still have some rights as a human being. On your part, you should not treat her like someone without a say in your marital affairs. Remember that by virtue of your marriage, you have become one flesh. It simply means that you should treat her the way you would want to be treated. See her as your better half and not as someone without feelings and rights.

3. "If you do not allow me, I will have make love to you by force." Inasmuch the body of your wife belongs to you, same way yours belong to her, there should not be application of force in the process. When she tells you "NO", all you should do is find out WHY. If it is something that can be worked on at that instance, try to make her understand your feelings. If you speak to her with a soft and romantic tone, she may see reasons with you and reach a compromise. On no account should you use force on your wife.

Avoid the aforementioned statements by all means when your wife shows lack of interest for lovemaking, because they are "blackmailing" in nature.

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