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Husband and wife relationship

Opinion: Ladies, This Is How You Should Serve Your Husband His Food

In those days (many generations away) wives will go down on their knees when they want to serve their husbands. Some will even praise him and shower him blessings. This makes the man's head swell as he eats the delicious meal of his wife, praying for her, and even giving her more money to cook such delicious meals. Ladies should learn to kneel, when they want to serve their husbands' food.

In those days, there were only few cases of divorce/separation. This is because the wives gave their husbands the respect/regard that was due to them. If a woman can kneel down to serve her husband his food, then she would of course have respect for him. This is capable of solving many home challenges.

Another advantage it has is that it triggers the husband to pray for his wife, it makes him love her the more because men actually love it when they are respected, it makes him take care of her the more, and it would not be a problem to drop enough money for his darling wife.

But in a situation where a man only goes to the dining table to see his food covered there. He just eats and leaves the house. He may not see anything special about it. The same thing happens when he returns.

Our women should try to learn from the women of those days. When you want to serve your husband, kneel down to serve him and see the magic happen. You may start wondering if he is the same husband you used to know.

Remember, the way to a man's heart is his stomach. The way you let the food travel to his stomach also matters a lot. Even if the food is not sweet, he finds the sweetness naturally. 

In the same manner, this is capable of bringing an end to many problems facing the family. It strengthens the bond of love, and together you are able to conquer many problems. 

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