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5 Things A Financially Independent Single Lady Should Consider Before She Marries Any Man

One of the good things that can happen to any single lady is to be financially independent. First, she will be able to take care of her needs by herself without taking permission from anyone. Secondly, it gives her an edge in her relationship, because the man she is dating will not see her as a liability. However, in spite of the aforementioned benefits attached to being financially independent as a single lady, you can also be vulnerable to whole lot of ugly occurrences in marriage if you did not marry the right man who will augment your financial independence. If you are a financially independent single lady, the last thing you will want to experience in life is to marry the wrong man.

Truth be told, it is not every man who approaches a lady for marriage that truly mean well for her. There are some who have ulterior motives in mind when making their marriage intention known to a lady. Nevertheless, there are certain factors that will give you a clue as to whether the man is an opportunist or not. Therefore, consider the following things before you accept a man for marriage, so as not to be regretful at the end:

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1. His emotional security level. Most times, when a lady is well to do financially, some of their husbands will be gripped by the feeling of emotional insecurity, by feeling that because the wife is doing well, she may leave him for other men in the long run. Such feeling most times breed suspicious and mistrust. Marrying such a man can be emotionally draining, because he will not give you the freedom to live your life to the fullest. He may want to "cage" you from going out and hanging with casual male friends and colleagues at work.

2. His industriousness level. As funny as this may sound, there are some men who will automatically become lazy when they marry a lady who is financially rich, thereby leaving all the financial responsibilities of the marriage for her to shoulder when reverse is supposed to be the case. Be sure that the man proposing marriage to you is not such a man, because the whole financial loads(feeding, paying of bills, taking care of the children's needs) will be on you when you get married.

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3. His occupation status. It is risky to marry a man who has no source of income and also idle at the same time, because if he somehow end up marrying you, you will be the one taking care of his needs and that of the family alone. Even the Bible condemns men who cannot provide for their family, by describing them as being worst than infidels. As a wife, you are to help him and not take the front seat in the provision role of your marriage. Even if he is not as rich as you are, he should be willing and able to work and try his best as the man of the home.

4. His giving and provision level. When a man has the habit of giving and provision, he will always strive to provide for you and the family despite the fact that you are financially independent. You can know a man that will give and provide for you in marriage during dating. Does he take care of some of your needs even when he knows that you can take care of them by yourself? Does he give you money no matter how little it may be? Does he buy you gifts once in a while no matter how cheap they may be?

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5. His ambition and goals in life. How much a man presently have in terms of material and financial possession does not really matter. What counts the most is his ambition and goals in life. Even if he does not presently have much, is he ambitious? Is he goal driven? Is he working towards the accomplishment of his goals in life? Don't forget that, life is unpredictable. You may have the capability of providing for the family for a long time. What if something happen to your source of income? How will you cope? Who will take care of the needs of the family?

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