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See what Mum did to an 18-year old girl. See what the girl did [Pictures and screenshots attached]

Only God knows when African parents would learn how to deal with their children especially the girl child.

On a daily, there arises news of either a parent beating up their teenage child or even as worst as having sex with their own children. Many a times, it begs for question such as: "Do these parents have enough education before birthing?"

The case of this 18 years old girl is similar and somewhat worse than what was stated in the earlier paragraph being that not only the mother beats her, but now a domestic chore to 'mark register' with beating on this young lady of 18.

According to the story posted by an online user @tioluwanimi_ with the tag name Vice president feminst Coven Edo Chapter, she stated to be a friend to this girl and due to the normal chore of beating her to pulp, she was advised to abscond from home before she dies in the hands of her so called family.

The 18-year old lady yielded to advice and absconded for two weeks and during the period of the two weeks, calls ans texts from her family never ceased to come in. With many words of admonition and pleading that they loved her.

She took the bait and went back home only to meet the worst experience of her life.

Firstly, her own mother striped her naked in the public before beating her, then her cousins took turns of beating on her after which her own brother did same.

The brother and cousins even took to WhatsApp to threaten the friends using voice notes threatening to kill her and hurt the friends.

According to @tioluwanimi_ this lady now is getting down as obviously, her health can not contain the beatings and batters anymore. She cries to the public to do something to save her friend who resides in Ibadan.

Some parents really need to learn their lessons the hard way. Let's have your say using the comment section below

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