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I change the plugs of generator alone without my husband help,Nigerian lady claims

It is worth knowing that mostly and build up of petty things and little things that could be ignored or looked over are what causes some divorce in the marragies of today. Things like picking up of plate to kitchen after eating, pressing of toothpaste whether from the up or middle properly,the way one eats ,even table manners,the way a house should be arranged e.t.c, such a things could lead to huge crisis and fights in marriages.

Here is a story of a lady who tries as much as possible to avoid such and do things at least on her own .

When you are married to a man who likes doing things at his own time and at his own pace, then you have to learn to do many things by yourself to avoid heart ache and frustrations. An example is the day a small rat found its way indoors, I called hubby to come help me get rid of it,( I have a phobia for rats big time and he knows! ) he said I should leave it alone that he will do it later. Later? The rat kept running around and I kept being stressed out, he eventually did get rid of it, two days later. 

"Please come help put on the generator" will wait for a long time, oga will only come to do it when he's ready to do so. At the beginning of our marriage; see quarrel, see me being frustrated! . Some years back, we moved to another area where having electricity was an exception and we needed to depend more on the generator , so sharp sharp I learned to put on the generator on my own, learned to change the oil when it is due for change, bought plug spanner , learned to clean or change the spark plug when it's dirty. I also taught my teenage daughters to do do same. That was the end of your sister's frustration in that area o. 

I only call the generator technician when the problem pass our knowledge. 

This morning the generator refused to start even when I changed oil and kept pulling for close to 20 minutes. So I got plug spanner, removed and cleaned plug, then I pulled just once and the generation came on ,I almost hugged the gen sef o! My sweat was not in vain!

I know that I am not alone in being an amateur generator technician, I see you my sisters!

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