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10 Things You Need To Teach Your Male Children Before Marriage

Whenever anyone sits to cogitate deeply over the increased rate of divorce in the present-day marriages, he becomes saddened especially when this problem seems irresolvable owing to the level of abuse which has occurred between the two couples.

But one amazing thing is the fact that parents, schools and religious bodies do not seem to look at the threat which these particular issues pose at the growth of our society.

More amazing is the fact that premarital training from parents and religious bodies if any is usually channelled towards the female children, while the male children are left I drilled as if they are naturally grounded in the knowledge of marital life and what surrounds it.

This has no doubt added to the decay in marriages, often time I have come across parents warning their female children concerning the adverse negative effect their present behaviour will have in their marriages, the same goes for the religious leaders whose attentions are usually on the female children, cautioning them on going against their husbands.

Even in the streets when you hear about discussions on marriage counselling, it is usually channeled towards the female leaving the males to wander in ignorance.

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However, I deem it fit to come up with these 10 things parents will need to teach their male children before they go into marriage:

1. One of the first things all parents need to teach their parents is to know God and to be conscious of the almighty in all their affairs and never to go against His command.

2. It is compulsory on every parent to teach their male children patience, the fruit of patience and how patience could influence marriage positively.

3. The parents should also teach their male children responsiveness: this could be done by encouraging the children with responsibilities which will groom them towards standing up to the marital task ahead of them.

4. The parents should also teach their male children to be productive, making them know the significance of learning a skill which could assist them to meet up with financial needs.

5. They should also teach their male children to be sympathetic, making them know the importance of life and why they should care for the feelings of others whom they will deal with.

6. Also, the male children should be taught the significance of understanding the behaviours of others making them know that human beings have differed attitudes and disposition.

7. Also, all parents should teach their male children to be loving and affectionate towards their wives when they finally get married.

8. Another important aspect is that the parent should teach their male children the importance of copulation and why they should not destroy themselves with premarital affairs.

9. The parents should also teach their male children conflict resolution so that when issues come up between them and their wives they would be able to manage it.

10. The parents should lastly, teach their parents child-upbringing so that when they finally give birth they would give the best training to them.

I hope you have gained a lot from these few advice and will follow it up in bringing up young children before marriage.

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