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5 Easy Ways To Know If A Girl Has A Crush On You

Girls find it very difficult to confess their love for a guy they are crushing on you. For you to know if a girl has a crush on you, you have to observe her body language, and behavior when she is around you.

Check out the 5 easy ways to know if a girl has a crush on you.

1. She is fully present when she is with you. If a girl is crushing on you, she will be fully present when you are together, especially one-on-one. The girl will be engaged with what you two are doing, or talking about. She will be more focused on you than on her phone. This is very a sign that you shouldn't overlook.

2. She gets personal. She will tell you her secrets and talk to you about her personal life. A girl won't do that with a guy that she didn’t trust. When she opens up to you, don't disclose her secrets to other people. You should keep it to yourself, and you can also tell her about your personal life. The girl isn't afraid to reveal personal stuff to you because she trusts you.

3. She is touchy. Whenever she laughs, she will always want to touch your arms, hair, and legs. She will try to get close to you as possible, and she might even come up with any reason to touch you.

4. Not only that, but you see her more often. If a girl wants you to see her, she will do whatever she can just to be around you more. The girl will make excuses just to see you, and be with you.

5. The girl tries to look extra pretty when she sees you. When a girl is crushing on you, she will keep putting an extra bit of effort into her appearance. She will always make a new hairstyle, makeup, and smell nice. She is trying to attract you to herself.

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