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The most romantic birthday letter ever for her

My Darling,

Here I am again, wondering why at 1:38am I am still unable to find the words. I write too but every year I struggle with this one post.

You are asleep now but when you wake up (again), you'll find this note, the reason I asked you to go and sleep and that nothing is bothering me.

There are things a woman would do for you and you just know it's a debt you can never repay.

This is the story many have lived so they believe they understand but one which a lady has lived for me several times in one lifetime, a lady who previously shared zero blood ties.

I come back here to write about her every time to remind myself that even though I wish I had so many things which I do not yet have, I have her and that more than makes up for everything else.

People ask how I keep going, how I have managed despite all the unique challenges. I smile and say God. Deep down though, I know God did so by blessing me with her, so let me try that note to her again

My darling,

They say a picture paints a thousand words but there aren't enough pictures in the world to describe a word from the volumes of your awesomeness.

I have also heard the words 'love' and 'sacrifice' being spoken and defined but the depth of what you have blessed me with makes those words pale and hollow.

I gave up everything for you in what, to many, was crazy over a 'mere woman' but all I gave up feels like nothing when I think about what you gave up (and still give up). Today I can stand tall and walk proud because you gave meaning to all those battles to create what we have today. You are the 'mere woman' that redefined things and positively shifted paradigms.

Thank you for sharing my life and making it a journey worth every step. I cannot give you all you deserve, this world is not enough but then I will forever keep striving to put a smile on your face.

I am everything I am because you never gave up on me, that's why I offer you my whole world today and everyday forever.

Happy birthday darling.

Everyday with you is a victory, everyday with you is life.

Love eternal.

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Darling My


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