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Husband and wife relationship

5 Things You Should Know About Your Partner Before Thinking of Marrying Him or Her.

Marriage is likely the end result of a romantic relationship that should be entered into with a proper understanding of one’s partner. As an individual who wants to be joint with his or her partner maritally, it then becomes important to avail yourself with certain information about your prospective spouse that will guide you in your marriage. 

Regarding this article, we shall be deliberating on 5 things everyone should know about their romantic partner before considering marriage terms with them. See them below. 

1. Spiritual or religious background. 

The rationale behind understanding the spiritual and religious background of your partner before being together with them in matrimony is centred on knowing the spiritual compatibility between you and your partner. Research has shown that most individuals have run into misunderstanding and conflict a few years into their marriage simply because of several contradictions in their diverse religious beliefs. Thus, before you consider marital togetherness with your partner, you must first understand what his or her religion says about yours.  

2. Philosophy regarding childbearing and parenting. 

It’s also important to know your partner’s ideas concerning childbearing and parenting. The reason for this can be related to the fact that knowing the thought of your partner regarding this issue will help reveal your marital compatibility. Knowing the parenting philosophy of your partner before marriage will also help avert marital conflict that might erupt from the angle of childbearing. 

3. Attitude to life and people. 

It isn’t enough to be moved into marriage simply by love or mere admiration, it is important to know and fully understand your partner’s attitude towards people and issues. Does his or her attitude match with yours? Is he or she the ideal partner you would want to spend the rest of your life with? Is his or her behaviour towards life; purpose-driven or not? These are the things you should find out about your partner before discussing marriage plans together. 

4. Genotype.

This is one factor many persons have heavily ignored today that has brought them emotional pains and regret. Before you think of marrying a person, it becomes important you both visit the hospital to verify your blood group or genotype. This will help reveal your level of medical compatibility and fitness for marriage. Being married to an AS genotype when you are SS is not advisable according to medical research, and that is the more reason you should know your status before furthering your marriage plans together. 

5. Health status. 

Quite similar to the previous point, it is necessary according to research for a person to know the health status of his or her intending spouse before marriage. The reason for this is to be aware of the health fitness and medical capabilities of one’s partner in other not to have a course to regret later in the future. 

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