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Importance of making time for your kids, parents take note

Spending time helping your children with schoolwork or reading together, especially in their early years will foster an environment that values academics.If your child feels comfortable coming to you with schoolwork, they are more likely to perform better academically.

How much time should you should spend with your child per day? One hour per day .You can help your child get their time being physically active, instructed and in nature by getting them outdoors.

How does family time affect child's development. Daily time spent doing activities together as a family benefits Children's emotional well being. When family make time to do things together, it establish family cohesion which is the family's ability to relate to and bound with one another emotionally.

Adolescent seems need less undivided attention from their parents than the younger kids because there are fewer windows of opportunity for parents and teens to get together, parents should do their best to be available when their teen does express desire to participate in family activities, attending concerts, games and other events ,it communicates caring and let you get to know more about your children and his or her friends in important way.

Should parents help with homework? Yes, it's important because it can improve Children's thinking and memory. It can help them develop positive study habit and skills that will survive them well throughout their lives. Homework also can encourage children to use their time well, learn and independently and take responsibility for their work.

Have a daily time to connect with your child. Do this face to face if possible, but if this is not an option,create a routine for doing so in other ways, such as leaving a note in your child's lunch box or writing an encouraging saying on a shared whiteboard in the house.

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