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Five Keys Of A Successful Relationship

Relationship can be said to be the connection between two people. There will be nothing like relationship if the two people involved does not have something in common.

We all agree that when s relationship starts its always fun and there is usually too much love at the start. But when it starts facing challenges then that loves starts to depreciate.Which sometimes leads to the end of the relationship.

A relationship only works when the two parties agree to make sacrifices just to see the better of the relationship.

One major problem problem in relationship nowadays is that people just numb into a relationship because they see others doing it. Here are five things that a relationship needs to survive.


This is the number one requirement for a relationship to work. If this is not there then the relationship won't work. Most teens nowadays are in lust which they call love. Some are only after what they can get. 

Normally, most guys of nowadays are only after sex while girls are after the money. People usually say they are inlove with someone they don't care about, someone they can't make sacrifices for it even provided anything for. Love demands attention which not all guys can give.


If you want to get a lady to love you so much that she won't want to let go, just make sure you always communicate with her on a daily bases. Be there for her when she is down, always assist her, make her your priority, don't forget to send text message and calls. With all this mention she won't have time to think of leaving you.


Trust means to believe someone is honest and will not do anything bad or wrong.

When there is trust in a relationship then the relationship lacks nothing.

The both parties will be free to do anything without the other party flaming up just because there is maximum trust.

Trust is hard to build and can easily be lost but difficult to find when lost.

A distance relationship only requires this to wax stronger and stronger.


THis means a promise to do something or to behave in a particular way.

Being committed in a relationship requires both parties to give their all in the relationship. This means giving their time and resources to make sure the relationship moves to the permanent site which is marriage. In a relationship where there is no commitment, cheating is unavoidable. People can give their time and resources in a relationship but if there is no commitment the relationship is sure to crumble.


Care can be said to being available as at when needed. This implise the both parties being around. Care can be in monetery terms or advice and also providing for each other. A one sided relationship does not always last long because when its only one party thats doing all the care then its just a normal friendship.

Whem we talk about care if does not necessarily mean doing everything to make sure sure your partner is OK at all times. It impossible doing what's within your power to make sure your relationship is on the right track.

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