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(Opinion) Reasons most relationships breakups

Divorce/Breakups has become a common norms and menace in our society and it is also at an alarming rate.I will like to enumerate some factors why couples get tired of each other.

In our society today we will notice that often times people don't prepare for marriage instead they prepare for wedding and note that you do not prepare in marriage but you prepare and plan for marriage .A marriage that was not adequately prepared for is bound to fail.

Most people today get tired easily today of their spouses mainly because the lack understanding and they lack the knowledge of gender difference.Male genders are supposed to understand the female gender and vice versa.The man is supposed to know that a woman talks too much and as the man you need to listen abruptly to whatever she is saying ,the moment you shut her up then she started getting tired of the marriage and you are gradually killing some virtues in wise the woman is supposed to understand that men generally doesn't talk too much but they act and think more and talk less.

Moreover,some men and women are full of covetousness ,the want to be taken care of like their friends even when the opposite sex to satisfy you is not financially capable.The lust of the eyes has caused more broken home as some people cannot practice self discipline.

Most marriages today were arranged by match makers or parents forcing their children into what they do not want or what they do not like as they forget to understand that MARRIAGE IS TO BE ENJOYED AND NOT TO BE ENDURED. because marriage doesn't expire or liquidate.

Furthermore communication is a key factor and lack of communication can lead to often argument ..when there is barrier in communication the couples tends not to understand each other thus leading to gradual break up .

Couples must learn to appreciate each other and must also be connected to each other emotionally. Marriage is in steps and all this steps must adequately be put into consideration..the steps are friendship,dating,courting,engaged, then marriage .

Couples must learn how to satisfy each other even if not fully but above average.

Corrections and instructions that are not done in love can cause either of the spouse to be tired.


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