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See reason why the wife of the Ooni of Ife cannot re-marry after a divorce or demise - iReporter Online

The wives of Ooni of Ife, by tradition cannot re-marry after the demise or divorce by their husband, according to a palace chief.

The chief, who preferred not to be named, said the order was prescribed by the Ife tradition since the Ooni is not considered dead but to have transited to a higher realm.

Maintaining that the Ooni still lives, he said it is forbidden for wives left behind by the Ooni to re-marry.

He said: “The rules is general and applies to all Ooni that has passed on and not peculiar to the wives of Adeyeye, the current Ooni. There may not be a clearly defined repercussion against the tradition but it is advisable that the order is obeyed at all times and for all generations. The best that can happen to the oloris left behind by any late Ooni is for them to remain single or be inherited by the reigning Ooni.”

He added that it does not matter whether the wives are young or old, “what matters is that the tradition must be sustained in the overall interest of the society.”

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