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Three romantic things to do to a lady in public.

Body language really matters a lot when it comes to relating with a woman, especially when you are in a relationship with the lady. Ladies love men who are very romantic, and are ready to understand their needs even without them saying it out loud.

In every woman, there is a little girl waiting to be unlocked. The only thing a man needs to do is to pay attention, to every of her body language and understand it at the right time. A lady wants to be loved and respected in every angle, that is why some ladies love men who pampers them like a baby.

Here are three things that a woman wants from a man in public, but won't talk about it.

1. Opening the car door for her.

A woman expects a man to be romantic in every aspect of life, and this will help build their relationship. Most women would want their man to always open the car door for them in public, and gently close it when they enter the car. Sadly, most women can't tell their man want they want because they expect him to know what to do. Most women don't experience this in their relationship.

2. Helping her with some of her bags in the market.

Assuming you find yourself in the market with your woman, she expects that you help her carry some of the bags, because of how heavy it might be. Most women see such men as caring and romantic. If you do this for her, you will see her glowing with joy because little things matter to women.

3. Calling her romantic names in public.

Most women want you to call them sweet names, that will make them feel special and loved. Instead of calling her by her name, you can call her lovely names that will sweep her off her feet. There are list of names you can browse from the internet, which you can call her.

These are things some ladies would love you to do, but won't tell you due to one reason or the other. If you as a man can do these things, it will help boost your relationship.

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