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Guys Or Ladies - Who Moves On Easily After Relationship Breakup?

Relationship is a great union but could get sour at certain level, at this level the bond gets shaky and could break if the two parties involved don't handle it well.

Maturity, understanding and endurance plays a long role in building a good relationship, if a relationship is built on trust, true love and the partners have the above affirmed qualities such relationships hardly experience any form of problems either at the shot or long run.

According to some internet users who came outline to share his current relationship status and problem he's facing, he wrote with plea for good advice on what he should do, it prompted me to ask this question, who moves on easily after a relationship breakup. Honestly I had an experience with a lady I dated for 3 years. We sang together, made love and we thought we would get married but one faithful day I told her I wanted to move on cause I was broke and I needed her to start a new relationship with someone that was willing to satisfy her needs and also ready to get married.

She abused me, cried and begged me to come back that she would wait no matter how long it takes. Albeit, I didn't change my mind.

Few months later, I noticed how I started missing her and always wanting to call her but pride wouldn't allow me. How did she cope without me? How did she forget about me so easily? Is it common for ladies to forget their exes so easily than men?

Please I want to know from you guys because this is really crux to me.

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