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3 questions that are not good to ask a girl you have a crush on.

The following are all some questions that are not good to ask a girl you have a crush on. For instance:

(1). How old are you? It's not a bad question to ask a girl if she is much younger than you. But asking a girl who is in her 30s–to 40s this question would make her feel a bit self-conscious, so, it would be nice if you leave the question till you know each other better.

(2). Are you in a relationship? If a girl is into a relationship or not, you are not in a position to ask that question based on the likeness you have for her. A simple “yes” to that question would limit so many of your chances of getting the girl.

(3). Can I have your number? If you don't want a girl to tell you that she doesn't give phone contact to guys, avoid this question. A better question to ask would be “are you on social media?” you know, it will be easier for a girl who is not too familiar with you to give out a username than a phone contact.

A question could lead to a wonderful conversation or make a girl want to ignore you. It all depends on the kind of question you asked. So, always ask nice questions.

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