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If you train your child this way, the child will grow up to be good tomorrow and make you happy.

Children are blessing from the Lord and it is the responsibility of the parents to train them right and teach them good morals. If a child is not train well and discipline when ever he/ she is wrong while still young, the child will become a problem to the society tomorrow but when the child is trained and discipline in the right way while still you, that child will make the parents happy and proud tomorrow.

Children are like wet stick that can be bend to any direction that you you want. That is the right time to correct them when they go wrong but if you live them, they will become problem to themselves and the society tomorrow. There is a saying that goes spare the child and spoil the road.

These are some of the things you can do as a parent to make sure that your child become good, responsible and a role model tomorrow in order to make you happy

1. Do not laugh at your child when ever He speaks insulting words. He will grow up thinking that disrespect is entertainment.

2. Avoid Giving your child everything he asks for. He will grow up believing that he has the right to get everything he wants.

3. Stop picking up on your child anytime the child messes up. He will grow up believing that others must take responsibility for his responsibilities.

4. Anytime the child displays any bad behavior , scold him immediately if not He will grow up thinking that there are no rules in society.

5. Stop giving your child all the money he asks for. He will grow up thinking that getting money is easy and will not hesitate to steal for it.

6. Do not allow the child to watch any program on TV. He will grow up thinking that there is no difference between being a child and being an adult.

7. Do not live the child alone at home when you go to the place of worship, otherwise the child will grow up thinking that God does not exist.

8. Always avoid putting yourself on the child side when he is wrong against the neighbors, his teachers, the police. Otherwise He will grow up thinking that everything he does is right, it is the others who are wrong.

If you can do these as a parent, tomorrow you will be happy that you did because the child will be a role model for society and make you proud too. Parents have a very big role in discipline and modeling of their children for better tomorrow.

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