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5 Best Relationships For All Singles Willing To Get Married. No 4 Is Significant

If you are a single man or woman reading this article, you need to follow me with your inner concentration to digest the content very well.

I will share with you 5 vital relationship tips that can guide you and guard your heart against being hurt. Make sure you take note of no 4.Happy couple.

1. Do not have s-e-x with anyone before marriage. You will keep going back to them whether you are engaged/happily married or not. This is called SOUL-TIE. S-e-x ties your soul to your sexual partners.Photo by Adobe Stock.

2. Every relationship has challenged whether it is God's will or not. If it is God's will, it will have a greater challenge so if you have issues with genotype, your parents are fighting against your marriage or unexplainable spiritual attacks fly in right, left, and center, instead of abandoning your partner and jumping into another relationship, fight your battles in prayer! Ask the miracle-working God to change your genotype to AA (I've seen that happens countless times), ask Him to touch your parents' heart, and grant you victory over life's battles.

If you run away from these relationships because you are fighting battles, how will you handle your challenges when you marry someone else? No one is free from challenges, you must learn to overcome them. You just have to deal with yours, dear.

3. If your EX is not God's will, no matter all the fun and s-e-x you had, your marriage with them won't work. That's why he/she becomes your ex. Move on and utilize your brain so that you won't fall into a trap twice.

4. Love is more than feelings! Sometimes what you have for them is high chemistry, infatuation, and lust. Love faces reality and acts right. Learn to face reality and end a relationship that needs to be ended.

Once you have ended your relationship with your EX, DO NOT GO BACK! You will regret it. Ex means past, leave that relationship in the past and move on. If you must go back then end your current relationship with your fiance/fiancee and go back to your EX!

The relationship is commitment! If you can't commit to one person you are not mature for marriage. Quit all relationships till you know exactly what you want in marriage and go for it. Do not go back to your EX. The heartache is not worth it.

5. Never think you cannot have a good man or woman to marry. You need to use your intellect to select well before you step up. Many single ladies make mistakes by looking for a rich guy without knowing the level of his decorum. How well he can endure her frustration as a wealthy man. They just move on and later regret marrying the wrong one.

Don't think that all those homes of the rich are full of happiness. What a rich couple may be facing in his/her relationship may be worse than the poor's own. Not all that glitters is gold. Shine your eagle eyes before you place hands in marriage with anyone.

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