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Husband and wife relationship

How To Correct Your Wife Without Offending Her

Preserving a good marriage requires a lot of wisdom from the husband and wife. The husband must be very patient and tolerant in everything.

If your wife does something you don't like, and you would love to correct her, you need to do it in a way that won't hurt her.

You need to try as much as possible to correct her in a manner that won't hurt her.

Don't Raise Your Voice

You might need to relax or wait a while before talking to her about what you want her to change. This will help you to avoid being too sensitive about it.

Don't raise your voice at her as you are trying to correct her. Ensure that the way you speak, the tone, and the speed of your words are soothing.

Allow Her To Speak

Permit her to say anything she wants to say after you might have corrected her. Give her the privilege to express her feelings too.

Don't Do It Publicly Or In The Presence Of Your Kids

Never try to correct your wife in the presence of others, or when your kids are watching you.

Make sure you always do it in private. It might also put her in the mood to apologize to you privately.

Let It Be Done In Love

Make sure love is the reason that makes you want to correct her.

You are prompted to correct her because of the love you have for her.

Don't Censure Or Molest Her

Make sure you don't say something that will hurt her self-esteem.

Never make her feel hurt. Remember, she will still do something that will please you.

First, Commend Her For What She Did Right

Anytime you want to correct her, make sure you first commend her for what she's been doing well before talking about what she didn't do right.

Don't Be Angry With Her

Try to control your emotions. Don't let what she did make you feel upset.

Don't Make A Comparison Between Her And Someone Else

Never compare her to any other married woman.

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