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5 Ways To Treat Infertility Naturally

Treating infertility naturally include methods such as acupuncture and yoga.

A review in 2018 revealed that about 29 percent of couples had attempted some kind of natural or alternative treatment of infertility.


This involves inserting small, thin needles into different points of the body. It is said that these points can help to stimulate the energy flow of the body.

There’s no definitive evidence to back up the usage of acupuncture as a treatment for infertility.


Yoga involves using breathing techniques and postures to help relaxation and reduce the level of  stress.

Researches on yoga as a treatment for infertility are limited. Although, practicing yoga can be important in relieving the stress that can be related with undertaking fertility treatments.


Lots of vitamins and minerals are of high benefits when it comes to promoting fertility.

Some of these vitamins and minerals include:



-vitamin C

-vitamin E


Other supplements can also be considered, such supplements include; probiotics, which helps in promoting healthy digestion and can improve overall well-being.


Different types of fertility teas are commercially available for purchase in various stores or market, but do they work?

Studies on how these tea formulations have effects on fertility are extremely limited. Although, a recent review discovered that compounds of antioxidants found in green tea may help fertility by improving sperm count and motility.

Essential oils

Essential oils are gotten from plants, generally from their roots, seeds, or leaves. They may be used in aromatherapy to help relaxation and reduce level of stress. Aromatherapy can involve using essential oils to massage the body, bathing with essential oils, or burning essential oils.

More studies are needed to assess the effects that essential oils may have on fertility.

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