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Ways To Look More Attractive To Ladies

The study has shown that your body language, your actions, and even what you wear can boost your appeal. So you don't have to spend so much or embark on a difficult fad diet or getting a spray tan. Embrace who you are but make yourself more attractive with these proven methods. In this article, I will state some proven methods to make yourself more attractive.

1. Become physically fit: You do not have to lift weight to get fit. Exercising not only tones your body to promote your attractiveness, but also gives you more energy and confidence.

2. Look into someone directly and smile: looking directly at someone is one of the flirting tools, it has also been proven scientifically to make one look attractive. Putting a smile on your face is as well a very good way to make yourself look attractive too. To boost your appeal the most, simply look directly at the target of your affections and smile at them.

3. Nod your head: A study found that nodding your head seems to make you 40% more attractive and approachable.

4. Use metaphorical compliment: Using metaphorical language requires more intelligence than more obvious compliments. The study has proven that girls prefer metaphorical compliments.

5. Make yourself look tall: Sticking to monochromatic colors (colors that are the same shade will make you appear taller. Plus, it looks super classy: You ain't going out wrong with an all-black look. Women prefer taller guys to short guys.

6. Wear sunglasses: it makes your face look more symmetrical, sunglasses make you look attractive.

7. Look Up: Both men and women find it unattractive when the other sex is looking down, "So, if you're hoping to attract a partner, she says, "look up and enjoy the world."

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