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6 Things Men Do That Make Women Happy In A Relationship.

Most men have been looking for a way to impress their woman and make her feel happy, so I will be giving you a few steps on how you can melt a woman because women love to be treated with so much love and care. 

1. Opening doors for her. 

Women are very special kind of people that love to be taken care of like a baby, and they love it when their man do certain things for them, as a man if you and your wife or girlfriend is around to go out make sure you always open the door for her either it's a car or a door to a room, because that makes them feel happy and spacial, and they always believe that when a man help them open the door that man is a gentleman and she has so much respect for her, so as a man always open the door for your woman. 

2. Introducing her to your friends. 

As a man, never hide your woman away from your friends, make sure you introduce her to your closest friends because once you do, she will know that your value and respect her, and that can melt her heart towards you, she will also find it difficult to leave you. 

3. Giving unconditional presents. 

Most men only get gifts for their women when both of them are cerebrating something, or they want something in return. As a man, always give your woman presents without any reason that will melt her heart. Women love gifts so much, and once you buy them gifts without any reason, it shows that you love them genuinely. 

4. Always protect her. 

 Always make sure you protect her even though she's wrong, stand by her side and correct her while you both are inside, always protect her from any form of hazard that will make her love you more. 

5. Kissing her on the forehead. 

Always kiss your woman on the forehead, it means a lot, it will make her feel loved, respected and very special to you. Always kiss your woman on the forehead, it means a lot, and it will surely melt her heart. 

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