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3 Reasons Why Your Woman Might Get Tired Of Dating You

Are you wondering why your woman no longer cares about you? Are you wondering why she is giving you attitude? It might be because she is no longer interested in you due to some characters you are exhibiting in your relationship.

It is logical to wonder what could have gone wrong if your woman begins to show signs of being fed up with you and the relationship.

If your girlfriend ever starts to give you attitude and you wonder why one or more of these three reasons could be responsible for the change.

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1) You are cheating on her

You should know that women don't like to be cheated on. Cheating is a game-changer. If you are a serial, unrepentant cheat, your partner would surely get tired of you and the relationship and would surely want to get out.

2) You stop being the guy she fell in love with

When you stop being the man she fell in love with she will get tired of you and the relationship. Not many things are as annoying and tiring for women as inconsistency. If you blew hot at the beginning of the relationship, you should keep that up. Don't switch up on her negatively when the relationship finally begins.

if you stop being the partner she met and fell for, don't be surprised if she no longer wants anything to do with you.

3) Respect

Do you throw her opinions back in her face or don't bother asking for her input on issues that affect you both? Do you try to control her life and dismiss her own opinions on matters that concern her? Did you stop respecting her as a person? As a man, when you stop giving her the respect she deserves, it may be only a matter of time before she dumps you.

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