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One Hidden Cause of Failure in Marital Relationship

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If you ask people what they feel can cause disharmony in marital relationship, many will not go the way of this subtle but very forceful element. But our investigations reveal that the absence of kissing has led to many broken relationships.

Kissing is a demonstration of very close emotional and erotic relationship. The dictionary defines kissing as the act of pressing the lips of two people involved against the other usually to show love, affection or passion. Going by this definition, it means that the absence of kissing in any relationship potends great danger.

By our evaluation, kissing means I wholly accept you the way you are. It's a complete surrender to each other. Swallowing the spittle from each other demonstrates complete affection.

From our findings couples who kiss often are more open to each other and the relationship experiences very strong tie, love and deep affection.

If the only time your partner kissed you was after exchanging marital vows, then watch it that marriage will have a lot of cracks and ultimately collapse if care is not taken.

Watch it when each time you want to kiss your love he or she says "I don't like kissing". He or she is hiding something or is not deeply attached to you.

We asked a few matured married and singles about their opinion on the subject.

A married woman who was interviewed said " before we married, we understood the place of kissing in fostering a close relationship. We kiss in front of visitors, and our children. This has cemented the love we have for one another. It has equally chased away gainsayers" she concluded.

An unmarried lady Joy who agreed to answer a few questions on the matter said "I can't marry a man who will not boldly kiss me in secret and in public". "If my man cannot kiss me, it shows he is hiding something; in short he does not love me. Even if my mouth smells, he should kiss me and now politely tell me so that we can find solution to it". She further volunteered, "from my findings, kissing makes partners or friends to be very close. It's like glue that binds the love people have for one another".

Mary (not real name), said "I just don't like kissing". When asked if she knows that by not kissing her partner, she may subtly be pushing him away. She questioned the reporter; "is kissing food?" Among twenty respondents, this was the only person who had a negative sentiment about kissing.

We tried to find out from men their own opinion on the same subject. Paul (not real name) said "I can't marry a girl who will shy away from kissing. It shows she does not love me?" He continued "if your girl refuses to kiss you or accept your kissing, she simply does not love you, that is it".

A pastor that was interviewed said kissing is like oil that lubricates relationships. He said that kissing has very deep spiritual implications.

Felix in his own response said "Men! what is love without kissing? Love is dead without kissing". When asked what he will do if his wife suddenly stops kissing him or accepting his kisses, he said; she is simply pushing me into the arms of another who will become her competitor". He continued "kissing and sex go hand in hand in any relationship".

What are your own takes in this? Drop your comments to guide others and save a lot of relationship.

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