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Building Self-Esteem With Your Spouse

A woman has the propensity to convince a man by the way she dresses, talks, or acts to creating attention. On the other hand, a man could by indecency behaviors talk about marital commitment with disregard for seriousness in the matter. To convince somebody is to stir up the desires that cannot be righteously satisfied. In safeguarding your affections that may lead to disaster, you need to guard against inappropriate emotional attachment and physical intimacy with the woman that will result in regrets, particularly if the relationship will not translate into a marriage. Perhaps, this could be the only way that will make you not fall into temptations of the inevitably wrong choices in life.

if the courtship relationship does lead to marriage, you will discover the great rewards of being faithful and self-sacrifice to each other. Guarding your heart right will suppress passion that should only be reserved for marriage. The patience of not being driven by physical intimacy makes the relationship much more exciting and wonderful. Ideally, you should be able to look back at your courtship without shame or fear that you have honoured God and each other during the period.

Couples could deepen their friendship by spending more time together. If they do not live close, diligence and flexibility will be needed to plan for their interactions and fellowships. As the honest with each other. There should be constant discussion on topical marriage issues in a manner and frequency that the conversation should be based on the desire to be acquainted with each other more deeply, but not in a deceptive way.

When taking time to reflect on the relationship, ensure that it is wisely spent. Avoid the temptation of spending countless hours on frivolity that may lead to premature emotional attachments. Too much time spent on trivial issues could serve as a temptation to experiment with physical intimacy. Whatever you do- stay visible and be accountable to the authorities. For times of private conversation, take a walk together, or do something else that would offer you some privacy, but avoid seclusion. Participating in a variety of activities together is the best way to discover each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some of the things one has to do to build self-esteem with your spouse

1. Get together with the like-minds and enjoy group activities.

2. Go out for dinner.

3. Play sports together.

4. Get involved in ministry together.

5. Read books out loud to each other.

6. Study the scriptures together.

7. Always pray together.

8. Participate in Small Group Bible Studies and other activities at your church.

9. Accept your spouse unconditionally.

10. Plant positive words in their hearts and mind.

11. Seek to please your spouse how they want to be pleasured.

In Conclusion

when you believe in your spouse, it's easier to achieve goals because trusting your spouse energizes the very resources you need to overcome the obstacles. Whereas, when you don't trust your spouse, you communicate, negotiate harder and act with fear. You kill the resources you need in order to do anything with your spouse.

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