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(Memes) Nigerian Girls Will Not Tell You They Like You, She Will Rather Say This 9 Things.

Nigerian girls are one of the most dramatic people I have seen so far (the only ones I have seen actually, lol), their sense of humor is just uniquely different, and that is why we love them.

One of the most difficult thing a Nigerian Girl will ever do is to tell someone that they like them though very few percentage can do that, I feel this is due to our cultural upbringing, and the way we are tough to behave.

But the fact is that when a Nigerian girl likes you, she won't hide her feelings for you, she will rather say them to you in a way that you might not understand.

When a Nigerian girl tells you any of the 9 things below just know that she is giving you green light and she is most likely interested in you.

1. Ode; trust me, she didn't mean this as an insult, when your friendship with her gets to the extent of her calling you ode, just know that she is very free with you.

2. When she starts sounding like this, just know that she is indirectly asking about your girlfriend. What ever you say to this means a whole lot to her.

3. She definitely have lots of female friends she could call if she needs light, but when she decides to call you, just know that she is very interested and wants to hang out with you.

4. Calling you big head is another sign that she is very free with you.

5. If she says this to you, just know that she is missing you.

6. I hope you get the point, better don't go away.


8. The only reason why she is asking you this question is because she cares about you.

9. Another reverse psychology.

Nigerian girls are simply the best.

Which other one do you know? Please share it with us in the comment box and don't forget to like, share, and also click on the follow button to get my updates.

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