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Top wrong and funny questions you should never ask.

Top wrong and funny questions you should never ask.

A question is a matter requiring resolution or discussion. A question is an utterance which typically functions as a request for information, which is expected to be provided in the form of an answer. Some can be pleasing, lovely, harsh and disappointing to the receiver. Some questions are good when they are asked at the right time, place and condition while some are bad when they are asked at the wrong time, place and condition. Some questions are not meant to be asked at all. They are categories of question which are Home questions, Office questions, school and tertiary institution questions, market questions, Fuel station question, supermarket question and religious question. I will discuss some of them.

1) Home questions: These are question you asked at home but I will be dealing with the wrong home questions. For example:

a) Are you going out? This question can be so annoying especially if it’s from your mom. E.g. “I dress up with suite and you are asking me, if I’m going out”. 

b) Are you eating?

i) “you saw me eating rice and meat and asking me Are you eating?”  

ii) “Did you fry that fried plantain? No oh, I parboiled it.”

c) I just finished bathing? “you saw me coming from the bathroom with towel and my body is wet and you are asking me if I just finished bathing”. This question are often asked by our parent especially our mom.

d) You are still there? When you are ask to do something and you don’t do it. This is mostly from our parent. “John are you still there”. If the question is from your mum, please answer politely or don’t say anything oh.

e) When your house is leaking and someone ask “Is that from a leaking pipe? No oh, it’s from somebody watering their lawn upstairs.I

f) you are watching TV with your mom and Ramsey Nouah display on the TV “John is that the popular Ramsey Nouah”. Please be polite and answer.

g) Is that petrol? For example,“I saw you at the fuel station buying petrol, please is that petrol in your hand? No, I just decided to fetch water from the fuel station”

h) You are watching movie and then your friend ask you “are you watching a movie?”

I) You saw me and my brother and you discover we are identical twins, and then you ask “are you guys twins? No oh, it’s picmix.

j) My mum just gave birth instead of you to celebrate with her you said “You just gave birth? No, she bought the baby from Jumia”

k) I mistakenly cut my thumb with Razor blade and she said “why did you cut yourself? I have too much blood, I want to reduce it, idiot”

l)Outside the house my friend call to know where I was. He said “where are you? At the ATM and what are you doing there? I'm photocopying money mumu”

2) School and tertiary school questions: These are questions asked in schools but I will dwell on the wrong ones. For example:

a) I saw you? This question can be cool and annoying at the same time. E.g. “I saw you with Dr. Amos. So, why the questions”. “I don’t like the calibre of people I saw you with. Are you my father?”

b) Do you know? This question is always asked mostly asked gossipers in school. “Do you know Bayo is a bad person? So, how is that my business?". You see this questions gives you headache sometimes.

c) The highest score? This question is mostly asked by people who are fighting for academic position. “I beg, who get the highest score in maths? Go and ask the lecture”

d) What is your score? This question is mostly asked by mostly female student. “What is your score in BCH318? 40/40, are you telling the truth? Go and ask your father”

e) You know I better pass? This questions are mostly asked by student trying to justify themselves. “ you know say I better pass that guy, please why are you telling me”

3) Religious questions: These are questions asked in religious places but I will base my discussion on church questions

a) Where you in church yesterday? This question can be cool but annoying when asked at the wrong time, place and situation. E.g. your parent are very religious and they taught you were in church and someone ask you in front of your parent “where you in church yesterday because I did not see you in choir practice”. Ahh!!!

b) Are you a Christian? This question can be annoying. “Are you a Christian at all?”

c) Do you believe in God?

d) Why are you so lazy with God’s work? This question can be so annoying especially when you are trying your best to do the best.

4) Supermarket questions: These are questions asked in the supermarket.

a) How much? You saw the price stag when picking the product and you ask “How much is milo”. This question is very annoying and after the answer the person is like “I don’t have enough money oh. So, why are you here?”

b) Are you buying all this? When you buy something in the supermarket and somebody or the sales girl ask you “Are you buying all this? No I’m waiting for you to buy more” 

Now answer this my question.

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