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For Women: Reasons Why You Should Urinate After Intimacy

According to healthline If you care about your health, you should always use condoms and other safety measures during s*x, says Healthline. Because of their reproductive systems, women are especially susceptible to illness if they are not properly cared for, and this vulnerability can be exacerbated by a lack of attention to personal hygiene.

After engaging in sexual activity, Healthline suggests going outside for some fresh air and urinating. I'll give you a few bullet points on why you need to go to the bathroom after having sex.

Urinating soon after sexual activity helps eliminate any lingering bacteria in the urethra.

Utilitating both before and after $ex can assist rid the urethra of any germs or bacteria that may have entered there. Comfortable urination after $ex is possible since the pressure in the bladder decreases after voiding.

If you want to get rid of any residual body odor, urinating after a sexual encounter is an excellent suggestion.

If your genitalia have a foul odor after $ex, it's probably because you didn't urinate enough before or during the session. After sexual activity, if you don't go to the bathroom, germs in your female genitalia might generate a fishy odor in your discharge. Bacterial vaginosis, which causes a foul odor and other symptoms, can develop if it is not treated.

Urinating is better than washing with soap and water for post-$ex cleanliness.

To avoid irritation, avoid using harsh cleansers like chlorine bleach or abrasive soaps. The healthy bacteria in your genital areas could be killed by the harsh chemicals in many commonly used soaps and cleansers, leaving you more vulnerable to illness. There's also the chance that it'll change the pH of the air, which could result in a nasty odor.

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