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Men do these things and you will win the heart of any girl

Every man wants to get a woman in his life, either as a girlfriend, a side girl or a life partner. But most men make some silly mistakes when they try to approach the girl for the first time and this makes the girl to turn them down and refuse their proposal. If you really want to get any girl of your choice, you must learn to do these things.

1. Be confident: one thing women love when a guy approaches them is boldness. If you want to get her to accept your proposal, you must be bold while talking to her, don't stammer when you are talking and don't be shy. Be a man and talk to her, they feel when you are brave and bold to talk to her, you can as well be strong to protect them.

2. Look on her face not her breast: this might be funny but this is one big mistake most men make while asking a girl out. A girl will never accept you when you keep on looking at her breast, they think you are only after sex and not genuine relationship. So whenever you are talking to a girl, look at her face and you will get more of her attention.

3. In case you don't know her name, call her by a general female name or a pet name: never you call a girl by making some kind of noise like "shii", a reasonable girl will never respond to such call. It feels embarrassing and make her think it is tout that is calling her.

4. Take her to a cool place: one thing else you need to do to get any girl of your choice is take her out. Girls respond better to proposal when they are in a convenient environment. Take her to a place she will feel comfortable and not stand on the road.

5. Get gifts: though this one is not much needed but girls love gifts, when you give them gifts, it shows you are caring and want to really love her. The gifts must not be expensive, just a little gifts can be enough.

Finally, go for girls in your class to avoid embarrassment. And when you finally get her, cherish her, love her and take care of her because women are precious jewels, relationship is for men not for boys.

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