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Ways To Start Attracting The Right Guys And Repel The Wrong Ones

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No one has this dating thing figured out, but it is annoying when you all you seem to do is attract playboys, and all the wrong types of guys. The ones that don’t have a single faithful bone in their bodies, the ones that are never ready to commit, the ones that play games with your heart and head. However, the good guys are not a myth and believe it or not, there are ways you can actually attract one and stop wasting your time with all the rest.


Girl, sit down and write all the qualities you want in an ideal guy. The list will go something like this:-

- A heart of gold.

- Financial stability while being passionate about his career.

- Decent looks with a healthy physique.

- Potential to hold intellectual talks.

- Respects everybody and appreciates little things.

The list will go on as per your preferences.


Why will any such guy choose somebody like you? Won’t he want somebody like himself or even better? Do you think that you will fit in his preference list?

But worry not, just sit back and imagine that you already have him. Let the Law of Attraction work.

3. Make some changes to how you act or carry yourself. If you don’t speak much, make an effort to speak more often, make more eye contact when talking (don’t stare though unless they stare first) and when in doubt, copy the body language or mannerism of a woman in your work, school or whatever environment who seems confident to you (and is attracting the men as a result). Speaking differently helps as well, so maybe copy a woman’s voice that you like the sound of and speak to men in that voice and see if they like it or not.

4. Wear something different (if you don’t want to change your behaviour or body language). Try heels for example, or a nice top that gives the illusion of a fuller bust in a fun colour. This will get their attention for sure (along with learning how to walk or move in a way that draws attention to your bust, legs, b*tt or favourite asset). Basically, show off what you like about your body using colours and patterns, and hide what you don’t like with black or plain colour.

5. Try a different technique in regards to makeup, or try wearing makeup if you usually don’t and see how it makes you feel. When in doubt, look up youtube tutorials for different techniques to try such as smoky eye, contour, bold lip etc. (in fact, try a bold lipstick to make the guys really notice your smile) Like with outfit choice, highlight what you like with colours and good technique and hide what you don’t like with concealer or other techniques. Use a good pencil, powder or pomade the same shade as your hair colour, and use soft strokes to mimic hairs and gradually darken brows if they aren’t dark already.

You don’t want to attract lots of men, again that’s simple and kind of pointless so be you, do what you love and set some standards the right man will respect that and you’ll find someone who compliments you.

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