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You Don't Have Any Reason To Be Jobless If This Man Can Still Fend For Himself (Photo)

I wonder why so many people love using one excuse as a way to stay idle and jobless especially in Nigeria. Before you judge me, I can understand the high unemployment rate in this country but that's not an excuse to be jobless or idle doing nothing and expecting someone to feed you or give you money. If you are jobless because of one thing or the other which have made you a beggar and someone who lives at other people's mercy, then you aren't doing well at all. You need to change and look for something todo to keep body and soul together.

When I came across this above photo online, I was touched and almost moved to tears because I wonder why an amputated man will still have the courage to be doing that kind of job. This man didn't mind his disability at all as he was bent on making something out of his life. He didn't allow self pity and regret to keep him from fending for himself. I wonder how many disabled people will still have the courage to work for themselves in order to feed and help others too.

Some disabled people are always looking for cheap bailouts by becoming beggars on our streets. I am not suggesting that you must become a mason if you have any disability just like the man in that photo above but you can do something else that is meaningful with your life. Look for something worthwhile or legal that puts food on your table at least.

Standing on the authority of this photo, I don't see why you should have any reason to be jobless as a disabled person except in some extreme cases. If you are whole physically and you are still idle and jobless, be encouraged by this photo and start doing something no matter how little it is. Being jobless or idle as a man can reduce your self respect or integrity.

Thanks for reading and please share to others to encourage them as well.

Content created and supplied by: Okechukwunwoke (via Opera News )



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