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The Man I Just Met Offered Me 5 Million To Leave My Husband Of 6 Years (Fiction)

I thought I could obey one of the marriage rules that says "for better for worse", but I found my mind falling apart, and my world crumbling when I was offered 5 million to leave my husband of 6 years. Here is my story;

I came from a poor background, and so was my husband. We met in polytechnic, and we fell in love. I loved him so much, and I know he feels the same even though, all of my friends couldn't believe I would marry someone like him. I was tagged the most beautiful girl in both of my primary and secondary school, and I also won the most beautiful girl on campus while in polytechnic, so everybody thought I was going to marry a billionaire, but I married love, I followed my heart.

However, I started having a second mind about my decision when a man offered me 5 billion to leave my husband, and marry him instead. This is it how it all began;

My husband and I got married shortly after we graduated from polytechnic, he worked as a teacher while I worked in a bank even though, our income wasn't enough to satisfy us financially, but we kept pushing through.

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My husband dream was to start a school, and we both lived for that dream. However, 5 years later, his dream came true. He bought few plots of land, and built a school, consisting of both the primary, and the secondary buildings. During this 5 years, we had a boy to bear our name.

However, a year after my husband started running his school, I was promoted to the manager of the bank I worked for, and we celebrated it. On this faithful morning, one of the bank most prominent user, and also a shareholder called me to meet with him in a restaurant, and that he had a deal for me. I was confused, but I honored his invitation anyway.

To cut the story short, he said he liked me, and he wants me to be his second wife. He said a beautiful girl like me shouldn't be suffering, and if I leave my husband to marry him, he would give me 5 million for a start. I angrily left the restaurant, but I can't stop thinking about it. Please advice me, should I leave my husband, or reject the proposal?

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